iPhone and iPad in my clinical practice

My iPad 1.5 years later.


Yes I’m still in the middle of a loving relationship with my iPad.    Is it perfect?  No of course not, there is always something more that could be added, but the latest updates to the OS have helped.

First I guess I should describe again, what I use the iPad for.

Even though I’m still in clinical nursing I’m an educator at heart.  I use the iPad for both reference and education.

Basic References: 

For a basic nursing reference I used Davis Drug Guide.  I don’t really have a preference for the publisher.  Skyscape, unbound, It’s 6 of one half a dozen of another.

I use Pepid, now that they have an IOS 5 compatible iPad version.

I’ve got a bunch of others but they come and go.

 Personal References:

For personal references, copies of journal articles and such that I want to keep handy, I use a hybrid of Evernote, Dropbox and Good-reader.

Good reader lets me annotate my pdf’s and keeps them sorted. Using drop box and Evernote I have web pages and other PDF’s that I’m not using now, but want to have access to.

 Information Management and Social Media

With IOS 5 I’ve switched to Twitter, it’s integrated and it works.  For an RSS reader i keep going back and forth between River of News and MrReader.  Still haven’t decided.

I use twitter both for social media and information.  Each month a large number of my journals post their TOC on twitter. Since I don’t get paper copies of the journals much anymore, I only read the articles that I want to read.  I’ve got filters set up and such to keep out the stuff I have no interest in.  When I get the PDF, I can forward it to people who have an interest, or have it on file if I have a patient that has the disease or symptoms. I use it a lot to point out to the MD’s that there may be a better way.

I’m still searching for the perfect blog software, but it’s between bloggsy and wordpress.

The combination of the iPhone and the iPad work for me.  I would like a 7” platform. something in between the iPhone and the iPad.

About craigb.rn

An aging health care provider thoughts on life, love and 30 years of wiping butts. I have a passion for both critical care and education, and my co-workers think I fall into lecture mode way to often.
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