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Ok now that I’ve convinced you that you need to expand upon your knowledge base  how are you supposed to do that.  I get any were from 12-18 journals in my mailbox on any given month.  Do I have time to read them all. Heck no.  Here is what I do to keep learning, and use the time I have efficiently.


I use technology to my advantage.  Yes I’m a geek, but it’s easy to use and in most cases it’s free.


Here is what I use.  I”ll go into a little more detail in each category in later postings.


1.  Get as many of your journals electonicly as possible.  More and more of the publishers are trying to cut cost and not have to print a paper journal if at all possible.  Both journals from AACN come electronicly as a PDF file.  This allows me to take the articles I want with me, and keep them on file on my iPad (I already told you I was a geek)


2.  Podcast.  A podcast is an audio or a video file that has been posted online.  Thes files can be dowloaded to your computer/iphone/smarphone/tablet for you to listen to or watch later at your convinenece.  I always have a few on my ipone and can listen when waiting at line at the DMV or the check out at walmart or even while driving, thought I can’t maintain my concentration while drining to absorb the inrormation.


3. Blogs – people who know about things sometimes post their thoughts and knowlege online in the form of a blog.  You can go to their web page and read.  There are blogs on 12 lead EKG’s, Trauma, Sepsis, Nursing and just about any other topic you can think of of, including underwater basket weaving.  You can either go to the web page or use a simple format and have it delivered to you when something new is posted.


4.  Networking – you can use platforms like Facebook, twitter and linkedin to keep in touch with others who are knowldgeable in areas that you are interested in.


As the blog progresisses I’ll show you how to use each of these.




About craigb.rn

An aging health care provider thoughts on life, love and 30 years of wiping butts. I have a passion for both critical care and education, and my co-workers think I fall into lecture mode way to often.
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