Can nurses do it better?

There was a recent discussion on twitter about who runs a resus better.  Both Cardiac and Trauma were brought up.  On some side discussions, it was implied that nurses handle procedures and process better than the docs do.  So I set off to practice my crappy research skills, (first thing I discovered about myself when I became a grad student) and see what I could find.

Although I could never find a comparison study, I did find stuff on nurse run rapid response teams or RRT, as well as some stuff from area’s that, in the US at least, that don’t have MD’s on hand that say non MD’s can run a code just as well as the MD’s.

I started my career in EMS and as a military medic.   I was 18 years old when I ran my first code by myself, with my only personnel resources, a crew of volunteer firefighters.  It was actually successful.   The pt coded because of a non cardiac event that I was able to correct.  I spent a large potion of my career in the back of an aircraft or in locations were MD’s just weren’t around, so I KNOW that non MD’s can do as good a job.  But can I prove it?

That’s were I’m at right now.  Searching for instances of nurse run resus.   So if anyone has any comments, suggestions, programs, whatever, I’d appreciate it.

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An aging health care provider thoughts on life, love and 30 years of wiping butts. I have a passion for both critical care and education, and my co-workers think I fall into lecture mode way to often.
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