A #FOAMed project for #nurses? Looking for ideas and suggestions.

Nursing isn’t taking to FOAMed like the medical community is.  So I was thinking.  How about a CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) prep course for nurses using #FOAMed concepts.  The tools are there.   We could do it cheaply in cost, but in time on the other hand, that might be a bit expensive.

Not only would nurses who complete the proem be ready to take the CEN exam, but they would also be well grounded in SOME and FOAMed.

Any thoughts, idea’s

About craigb.rn

An aging health care provider thoughts on life, love and 30 years of wiping butts. I have a passion for both critical care and education, and my co-workers think I fall into lecture mode way to often.
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2 Responses to A #FOAMed project for #nurses? Looking for ideas and suggestions.

  1. I think this is an excellent idea. Especially for the folks in rural areas who don’t have access to seminars and so forth. If enough pro FOAM folks gather and split up the work, peer review it, it would be a phenomenal resource. Certainly no small undertaking. Would love to partake in any ideas going forward regarding it.

  2. craigbrn says:

    I’m starting to research hosting and formats. This is definitely a long term project. Start by mapping out the exam and cutting it into chunks.

    I did a smaller project for a nurse internship program and used a wiki as the format. We owned MS Share-point and I used the built in tools. I had the advantage there of owning the hardware. Was able to swing our own blade with a terabyte of storage.

    I don’t want to bury myself in the technology and have to work to keep a LMS (Learning management system) up and running on top of everything.

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