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Did you know it was easy to produce your own #FOANed Content?

You don’t need a studio or expensive equipment to produce your own FOANed content.  Everyone has access to PowerPoint.   Make your slides, concert them to PDF and in my case I send them to my iPad to an app … Continue reading

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Can’t afford a local certification prep class? #FOANed

Do you want to provide certification prep classes for your staff but can’t afford it.  Well here’s an idea.  There is a ton of free, open source material out there that you can use.  You just have to put it … Continue reading

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Other things to think about

The nursing and medical stuff you need to know are obvious, but there are other things to think about that can keep you from achieving that expert status.  Finaances – I”ve discovered that the stressors of life can distract you … Continue reading

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A #FOAMed project for #nurses? Looking for ideas and suggestions.

Nursing isn’t taking to FOAMed like the medical community is.  So I was thinking.  How about a CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) prep course for nurses using #FOAMed concepts.  The tools are there.   We could do it cheaply in cost, … Continue reading

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The next step toward mastery. Reading plan management

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated this. I’ve been busy and I guess I”m not really a blogger. So the next step in becoming a Master/Expert in nursing is getting in the habit of reading and updating your knowledge … Continue reading

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Time to stop limiting scope of practice! – Repost

Over the past few years state Boards of Nursing have passed rules limiting registered nurses ability to give certain medications. The primary medications are medications used for procedural sedation and rapid sequence intubation. As i reviewed what documentation that was … Continue reading

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Loosing faith in Non-Physician Providers.

First let me start by saying I’m pro PA & NP.  But my faith in their education system, not so much. I found 2 applications on my desk when I got to work and a note asking my opinion on … Continue reading

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